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I am ready to consider sailing with any serious sailing project. With a wide experience of sailing at the highest level in everything from dinghys to big boats, you can be assured to get a team member that performs well in several positions, on most boats and in any kind of racing. Being a 9 time World Champion in several different classes and having experience from multiple Olympic and America's Cup campaigns is a guarantee for success.

Acting mainly as navigator on bigger boats, I take use of experience from several previous America's Cups and TP52 campaigns. I really like to participate in the tactical and strategic work assigned to the afterguard and especially enjoy taking a lead in the performance development and analysis. Naturally, I am used to take on the responsibility in the onboard electronics, work with weather and routing and other tasks related to the navigator role.

As a sailor I have a solid background in the Olympic Soling and on the matchracing circuit. I did the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympics and won the Soling World Matchracing Championships twice with two different crews. During this time and continuing since then I have sailed extensively on the World Matchracing Tour, mainly as crew for swedes Magnus Holmberg, Mattias Rahm and Johnie Berntsson. I therefore feel very comfortable to conribute in smaller boats as well.

To give a few examples, I usually do tactics and/or main trim on the matchracing tour events. When sailing this year's Farr 40 Worlds I did strategy and whatever navigation you end up doing on such a boat. On a 5.5 you end up participating in pretty much everything so you could easily say I did tactics, strategy, weather as well as trimming the spinnaker, backstay and trimtab (hard work!!!) when we won this year's World championships. if you want a professional sailor for your sailing project, don't hesitate to contact me!

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