The offer

I do not offer a product such-as. This is a service and I offer you my services on a daily basis and the software package is there for you and your team to use. This is how it normally would work:

  1. We decide which performance parameters (such as boatspeed or rudder angle...) we can access and that we are interested in following.
  2. I prepare a suitable log file configuration depending on what navigational software that is being used on the boat
  3. I set up a web site for the team and prepares it for the upcoming use
  4. The boat goes sailing and you keep a log of important events throughout the day. Events could be such things as which sails that were used, when you raced or when you had a lunch break.
  5. And the end of the day you send the log file and event log to me
  6. I enter the log file and events into the software system, crunch the numbers and make a performance report that I send back to you. The report contains important conclusions, graphs and suggestions in a distributable format.
  7. Anyone interested (including you and I) in further analyse the data retrieved so far picks it up on the web site. Graphs and reports of any kind are accessible instantly.

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